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 English  HY-B30 automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine

HY-B30 automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine basic purposes
Applicable to the unsteady cylindrical objects circumference, semi-circular labeling, the use of horizontal transmission, horizontal labeling, increase stability, improve labeling efficiency.
Optional printer or printer to the label head, can be printed on the label to print the production date, batch number and print bar code and other information.
Optional inkjet printer to the conveyor belt, can be achieved before or after labeling on the product printing on the date of production, batch number, bar code and other information.

HY-B30 automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine scope
Applicable labels: stickers labels, stickers film, electronic monitoring code, bar code and so on
Applicable Products: Small products that require labels or films on the circumference or small conical surface
Application industry: widely used in medicine, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, plastics and other industries
Application examples: solid plastic bottle labeling, oral liquid bottle labeling, pen labeling, lipstick labeling and so on
Work process: the core of the working principle: sub-bottle round of the product will be separated into the conveyor belt, the sensor detects the product through, return the signal to the labeling control system, in the appropriate position control system control the corresponding motor to send the label and affixed to the product To be marked on the location of the product through the marking device, with the standard tape to drive the product rotation, the label was rolling over, a label attached to the completion of the action.

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